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Why We Do What We Do at Joy of Missing Out Sportswear

The Psychology Behind Choosing the Right Kit 

 If you are new to exercising or have not exercised for a while, one of the first decisions you need to make is what to wear. What you probably do not realise is that making good choices early on with the sportswear you buy and wear, has a direct impact on your motivation, and in turn how well and often you train. The term ‘enclothed cognition’ is used to describe the effect which clothing has upon a person’s mental process and the way they think, feel, and function, in areas like attention, confidence, and decision making.

There is no doubt that if you feel good in what you wear you are more likely to want to wear it, so if your training gear makes you feel good and look more in shape from day one, this will help your confidence and enthusiasm to get out there and exercise. Even just wearing your workout gear acts as a reminder to make healthy choices. And for many, having the clothes on eliminates the step of ‘dressing for exercise’; and reduces one of the excuses not to. Removing as many barriers as possible before you start your fitness journey will help you stay on track and remain focused.

Why we do what we do at Joy of Missing Out Sportswear.

Feeling good in the kit you wear from the get-go helps nurture a fitness mindset, this is one of the factors that inspired us to start Joy of Missing Out Sportswear. Encouraging and building a positive relationship with exercise, your body, and mind takes time, sometimes years, but every step you take towards your fitness goals, no matter how small, bring you a little closer to a happier, healthier, and longer life. We create designs that work in conjunction with your existing body shape, ensuring you feel as good as you possibly can, even before you start working out.

We all have different levels of body confidence, and many of us are self-conscious about certain areas like our arms, bottom, thighs or waistline. You could be already slim, but just do not feel as comfortable as you once did showing your midriff, crutch or bottom, which is why we want to make sportswear that suits everyone, not just those with a young and athletic physique.

The three key aspects we consider and focus on when creating our activewear are Fit, Fabric and Feel-Good Factor.

Fits that encourage you to move with confidence.

Our leggings are made to contour and sculpt the shape you already have. Using firming body sculpting fabric technology ensures they give support and a great fit around the waist, tummy, and hips. A sculpted high waist stops them rolling down during activities, keeping your tummy covered so you can move with confidence and focus on developing good exercise techniques rather than worrying about exposing yourself. We work with several sports professionals here at Joy of Missing Out, all of which emphasize over and over, good technique is paramount to avoid injuries. Limiting distractions by wearing a kit that supports and enables you to focus fully on the exercise in hand is beneficial when learning new techniques.

When it comes to leggings our high waisted sports leggings are hands down the most flattering style for women with a fuller figure. The high waist elongates the lower body, tricking the eye into seeing a leaner you. Even our seam-work is designed with a curvy figure in mind, the seams are shaped to work with the contours of your body.

We produce tops that not only keep you cool and wick moisture away, but more importantly, are designed to take emphasis off the areas you prefer others not to focus on. Using bamboo and cotton rich fabrics and the right percentage of elastane, with carefully chosen design features, creates tops with great structure and lines. If you then apply clever detailing like zips, seams, soft mesh contrasts panels or a hood in the right place, this helps trick the eye into seeing an overall sleeker you.

Fabrics that give great coverage and the right level of compression.

We select our fabrics with two considerations in mind, what they feel like to touch and wear, and how they enhance your performance. All our leggings are 100% opaque, so whether you are performing downward facing dog, doing squats, or stretching out after your class they allow you to move in any position with certainty that they are not see through, once again making sure you concentrate fully on your training.

They are engineered with a light level of compression which enables them to be comfortable and not pinch, whilst still offering a good level of support, helping your legs remain energised and providing relief from tired and achy legs.

Our super soft double-knit fabrics have excellent moisture-wicking properties and will keep you dry on the hottest days or through the hardest workouts.

The ‘Feel Good’ Factor.

With every item in our range, our goal is to help you ‘Enjoy Being You’ and become more determined to get out there and exercise in one form or another. We create designs that help you feel more comfortable and assured about the areas of your body you feel most self-conscious about, we do this without compromising the contemporary or performance elements of the garments. We want to ensure you feel confident, relevant, and inspired from the minute you put your leggings or top on, because the better you feel, the more likely you are to exercise, and the more you exercise…. of course, the better you feel.

About Our Range and Beyond

As you would expect black and navy are important colours for our customers, although we do not believe in offering ‘only’ these colours in our plus sizes, we therefore also range a host of other shades. Our fitness tops boast a spectrum of coralssea blues and plums. In our leggings range we include colour block  and floral print designs, as well as dusky tones, and even a fiery coral, for those of you fierce enough to try them. If you are among those that do not believe they can look good in colours, think again, and check out #itslauraalexandra on our Facebook page.

Bringing multiple designs and colour options to our curvy ladies has been a huge priority for us, with the average UK woman being a size 14 to 16, it is important that our sizing starts from a true UK size 10 (S) and goes up to size 20 (XXL).

We have had an amazingly strong launch, despite the challenges of Covid-19. The level of positivity and wonderful customer feedback has been overwhelming. What we have managed to achieve to date is far beyond what we ever imagined possible coming from a year like this last one.

Our next big challenge is not only to bring new designs to the range, but also to expand our size offering further. We hope to introduce additional sizes shortly, as soon as we are confident we can do so without compromising product quality or price.

We are really looking forward to the next chapter, and even more excited to bring you more sizes, colours, and new designs. Be assured we will continue doing what we do.

As always, we encourage your feedback and any comments you wish to share, you can find us on Facebook,  Instagram or drop us an email.

To help you start a life of health and fitness is our aim and every little step you take to a healthier life style is a win. 

 Sarah Elizabeth Hunt  I Founder