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Our Story


Joy of Missing Out Sportswear started with the simple realisation that changing old thought patterns and learning to enjoy 'timeout' for yourself is one of the most important things we can do when working towards a healthy mind and body.

We know that exercise is one of the easiest and most effective ways to give our brain timeout. When you are most in need of mental relaxation is often the time you feel least like putting on a kit and exercising. Lack of motivation and a negative body image are two key factors that stop women taking those first steps.

We started thinking how brilliant it would be if we in some way could help break down the barriers and make it easier for those finding it difficult to get up and go, this is really where our story began.

At Joy of Missing Out Sportswear the most important priorities for us are fit, fabric and focus. It is so important your workout clothes fit well and work with your body shape – not against.

We started designing leggings with flattering high waists and shaping, being careful not to compromise comfort. Using opaque, breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics we created our sculpting range.

Our tops are designed with thought and purpose, they not only ensure you stay cool, but more importantly, are mindfully designed to cover areas of the body you may feel self-conscious about.

Our breadth of range and size offering is growing rapidly with demand, we hope you find something you like, if not today, then in the extremely near future.

We are always looking for new creative ideas and designs and love collaborating with inspired likeminded women. Let us know if you have a design idea that could help women overcome those initial hurdles of getting back to exercise, you never know - we may just be able to bring it to market!



Sarah Elizabeth Hunt I Founder
Joy of Missing Out Sportswear